Thoughts are very powerful, our problem is that we take them for granted; we never really monitor what we are thinking. Take the analogy of the mind been like fertile ground, imagine a farmer plantings seeds unconsciously in this field of fertile ground, what do you think the field would look like when all the different seeds flourish, probably a big mess, very much like life turns out for a person that has no control of his thoughts. We must be conscious of our thinking to harness its powers. When we understand this and apply it to our life there is no limits on what we can achieve.  


Your thought process determines the interpretations you give to things that happen in your life. In everything that happens you can find a good side or a bad side it depends on how your thoughts make you interpret it. Look around you, examine the people you know, if you know somebody who is negative, even when something good happens to them they find the negative aspect of it and this is how they construct the negative reality they want to live in. 

To start taking control of our interpretations we must understand the concept of duality. Our conscious mind is very analytical and it divides things into categories to understand them better. It divides them into good or bad, small or big, black or white, etc. But these concepts that we perceive as divided are really different poles of the same thing; to feel happy and sad is just two poles of the same filling, we have to experience sadness to experience happiness, without having the sadness to contrast it with, happiness wouldn’t feel so good. Our problem is that to categorize things we immediately have to judge everything we experience, Jesus said “in the same way you judge, you will be judged” I don’t think he meant that someone is going to judge us, what I think he was trying to convey is that the more judgments we make, the more we divide things, the more complicated our life gets and the less we judge and just let things be what they are, the less complicated our life is. This is the natural order of things, without a mind to judge, things are just what they are.  

Everyone perceives reality differently, for example the reality of a fish is very different from our reality, because his way of perceiving or interpreting the world through his senses is very different from ours. And you may say that the reality of the fish is different because of its limited perception, but did you know that less than 1 billionth of the stimuli around us gets into our nervous system, the stimuli that we perceive is the one that reinforces what we think is real, the rest is screened off. We all limit our perspective to match our reality. The way we interpret the signals sent to our brain through the 5 senses and the meaning we give to them according to our thoughts, beliefs and experiences is what shapes our reality, is as simple as that. 

We must be aware of the interpretations we make, and try not to see things as good or bad, right or wrong or fair or unfair, just remember that things are just what they are, and ask ourselves how does this experience or circumstance adds to my awareness. 

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